At OPERATUS, we provide the latest advancements in self-defense and active shooter response training for the civilian, military and law enforcement sectors.

Our specialized training programs incorporate the latest advancements in both lethal and non-lethal response and place a strong focus on providing real-world deliverables that are critical in keeping civilians, police officers and military professionals safe while also increasing survival rates of innocent lives. 

As crime and civil unrest continues to increase throughout the United States on a continuous bases todays law enforcement resources have become seriously strained and limited with Police Departments nationwide being defunded and cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore and a dozen other cities all cutting law enforcement budgets in half.

Combining this situation with hundreds of police officers also resigning from their jobs and the general media without ethical guidance continuing to promote civil unrest and demonizing law enforcement in order to increase viewer ratings, has led to a dramatic increase in violent crime and put many law abiding citizens lives, families and loved ones at risk in addition ti active shooter incidents increasing nationwide. 
Our specialized training programs and curriculum has been developed and proven from decades of experience. At OPERATUS, we’ve structured our specialized self-defense and active shooter training programs for civilians, because we want you to know what we know in order to provide you with a new level of self-defense capabilities for real-world threat encounters.